Stalking Shadows

To Calamthis via Braden

The Road to Braden

A moist attack upon Althar as he is awoken by VERY cold water being dropped on him from above. Clearly the work of fairies, despite Honeysuckle’s protests. The first of many to come.


the arrival at Braden and its state
Honeysuckle and Simon decide to live in luxury to recover from their long travels. They each pay a gold piece to stay in a nice manor with a hot meal, bath, and large bed for each of them. A mysteriously damp evening ensues. Something about dolphins and faeries.

The Road to Calamthis

encounters with a troupe of apparent slavers in the woods, the subsequent acquisition of Braswell and Mila as reluctant fellow travelers after Rranjai ritualistically dismembers the slaver that she recognized,
Two quiet nights, then an encounter with a rabid owlbear with three more of the blurry bastards who followed the noise of the battle to really try our party’s reserves a day out of town. Simon takes a thorough beating from the hulking beast leaving him ill prepared for a tussle with the mysterious attackers to follow. Somehow Simon is able to call upon hitherto untapped reserves to withstand the relentless attacks. Even stranger, through apparent magical means he heals his own wounds, allowing him to fight on when the masked fighters descend upon the group.
Two nights of piece and quiet on the road, Honeysuckle trying to talk a mockingbird out of information (learning that there was a small group of the faceless to the north, who then moved southwards) and the next night an attack by a shadow mastiff wearing a Collar of Control

While everyone else was arguing over what to do with the collar (clearly magical), Simon was playing with it and one of the masks they had carved off of an attacker… and the mask started glowing as if with a Light spell! Panic begins, as you can imagine.

Quiet night, speaking to Bert the apple farmer and then the attack of malicious Obscuring Mists in the campsite that night. An epic battle ensues, though Simon is still convinced the mist was victorious in the end. Bloody fairies. As they camped close to Bert’s house, Honeysuckle and Rranjai run to check on the farmer and his assumed family.



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