Stalking Shadows

A Simple job

We are sent by Lady Morgan, a powerful and influential leader in Calanthis, to bring her cousin back from a podunk town on the outskirts of the kingdom. It was hinted she should be quite happy to leave.

… More to come when I’m not dead tired …

After reporting our exploits to Lady Morgan, we depart for a restful evening. Simon still intends to report his findings on the inside of the Gnoll cave and the skulls we found that resemble the bone masks on our mysterious foe, more details on the disappearance of Flower Girl the Wonder Bard, and how we came to meet Dumas and Fallon. If we manage to get to more of a relaxed chit chatting, I’ll throw in how another strange thing about that area (besides everything else we dealt with) was this hermit mage. He told us this strange legend about this pavilion that appears before travelers and how no two people have ever reported seeing it in the same place or seeing the same thing inside it.



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